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Beistle Company Contact Directory
Customer Service Department Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Jada Hines Customer Service Representative jlhines@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 355
Sue Mclaughlin Customer Service Representative sjmclaughlin@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 343
Cheri Miller Customer Service Representative cemiller@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 357
Ali Koser Customer Service Representative aakoser@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 349
Jaqueline Aleman International Customer Service Representative jaleman@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 348

Beistle Company  Sales Department Contact Directory
Sales Department Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Mark Hollar Account Executive mhollar@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 329
Doug Holdren Account Executive dmholdren@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 324
Elizabeth Masney Account Executive eamasney@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 347
Becca Sykes Account Executive rrsykes@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 332
Rhonda VanArsdale Account Executive rdvanarsdale@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 335
Greg Zuvich Account Executive gjzuvich@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 328
Tara Lacy International Sales tklacy@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 358

Beistle Company Custom Imprint Contact Directory
Custom Imprint Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Bob Hansen Special Production Manager rbhansen@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 327
Scott Mankamyer Customer Service Representative samankamyer@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 362
Bobbi Guyer Customer Service Representative bjguyer@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 342

Beistle Company National Account Contact Directory
National Account Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Jamie Wilson Customer Service Representative jmwilson@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 356

Beistle Company Credit Department Contact Directory
Credit Department Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Kasi Sheaffer Credit Representative kjsheaffer@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 387
Ed Sprecher Credit Representative ejsprecher@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 389

Beistle Company Human Resources Contact Directory
Human Resources Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Karen Miley Human Resources Manager krmiley@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 304

Beistle Company Facilities Maintenance Department Contact Directory
Facilities Maintenance Department Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Adrian Horn Maintenance Supervisor amhorn@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 184

Beistle Company Management Contact Directory
Management Directory
Name Position Email Phone Number
Tricia Lacy President tricia@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 306
Christopher Keegan V.P. of Finance cjkeegan@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 305
Dave Goode V.P. of Sales dmgoode@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 338
Doug Wilson V.P. of Production dlwilson@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 310
Scott Smith Sales Manager smsmith@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 339
Mark Stouffer Sales Manager mrstouffer@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 336
Pat Erne Purchasing pmerne@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 371
Rick Buterbaugh Art Director rlbuterbaugh@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 230
Mike Rebok Traffic Manager mlrebok@beistle.com 717-532-2131 ext. 160