About Us

The Beistle Story

The year was 1900, and it was the start of a new Century. The world was teeming with dreams and so was Martin Luther Beistle. He was affectionately known as M. L. Beistle by his employees, shareholders and friends. As a young man, M.L. worked for the Pittsburgh Art Calendar Company and he was a progressive salesperson that listened to his customers. While in hotels showcasing his calendars, his customers commented about the constant need to water the lobby plants. His solution was simple and brilliant. Artificial plants made from what? You guessed it. Paper! They never needed to be watered.

Always looking for opportunity that involved decorative products made from paper, M.L. made a trip to Heidelberg Germany and while there, he observed a honeycombing technique and being a visionary entrepreneur, skillfully conceived and designed a process to honeycomb tissue paper, and with the addition of these new decorative products, The Beistle Company was formed.

Although The Beistle Company opened its doors in Pittsburgh, PA, it quickly expanded and outgrew the facilities and headed East to the small town of Oakville, PA. Incorporated in 1907, its manufacturing moved to the second floor of a wagon shop, until rapid expansion created the need to move to larger facilities in nearby Shippensburg, PA.

The Beistle Company has stood the test of time. We have over 120 years of experience manufacturing decorations and party goods, and with continued growth we look forward to many more years of operation. Being the oldest continuing manufacturer of decorations and party goods in the United States, we are proud that our honeycomb tissue decorations continue to be an important part of our product offering and that our product line has grown to over 10,000 items!

The culture of The Beistle Company is soundly based on the commitment to our employees, and the desire for their success. Our employees are the Beistle family. From one generation to the next, we do not lose sight of who we are, and of those who helped us achieve those 120+ years of progressive accomplishments. Many of our employees have had and hopefully will continue to have family members that are proudly part of the Beistle family.

Our mission is simple. To provide the highest quality products and unsurpassed levels of service, offering the best value available in the marketplace today. We are The Beistle Company.